Ara Institute of Canterbury - Student Accommodation Building


ARA have been a long-term Client of MMC, so when we were engaged to look at their new Student Accommodation building we did so without hesitation.

This project required a design and build of the ARA fibre network to two new buildings of student flats and extend the network to two existing buildings.

Time Frame

MMC began working on this project in early October 2016 with a forecasted completion date of late January 2017.

We worked closely with the construction company and other contractors to ensure our target was achieved and MMC finished this project, complete with test results on 25th January 2017


metres of fibre blown


fibres spliced & connected


  • Organize civil contractor to perform a drill shot under St Asaph St to the new building, and insure the follow all ARA and MMC H&S requirements including TMP’s and SSSP’s
  • Haul new fibre feed cabling from the main campus, under the road, to the new building via the new duct
  • Install backbone cabling within all 4 buildings, including Cabinets, Splice Points and Tube Management Boxes
  • Complete civil trenching to extend the network to existing buildings, including trenching, and reinstating of concrete paths with the help of our sister company, Armitage Contracting Ltd.
  • Blow, Splice and Test all fibre links, including feed to the main campus
  • MMC had an “Anti-Shelf” designed and manufactured to be installed above the exposed cabinets, to prevent people placing food or drinks on top
  • Installed structured data cabling and WiFi Access Points throughout the buildings, with the help of our Data department


The project was completed within the time frame and within the client’s budget.

MMC went above and beyond with the final touches, such as the “Anti-Shelf” and painting the conduit to match the building. The result was a visually appealing solution that the clients was very happy with.