Fibre Optic Installation, Fibre Backbone, Fibre Broadband, Ultrafast Fibre Cabling Networks
- Hamilton, Waikato & Bay of Plenty

MultiMedia Communications is a New Zealand leader delivering Fibre Optic Installation and Cabling projects (fibre backbone and fibre broadband) to Telco standards.

With our branches ranging across both North Island and South Island, our fibre optic installation and cabling services cover most of areas in NZ  from Auckland to Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and from Canterbury to Otago and Southlands.

If you are located in Waikato or Bay of Plenty area, please talk to our friendly MMC Hamilton office team for either fibre optic installation demands. We can cater for projects of any scales from connecting a small office to providing integrated solutions for multi-storey buildings.

Our people use the most advanced technology and systems available to Design, Build and Project Manage Fibre ICT infrastructure projects. When the project simply must be done right, on time and to budget, New Zealand’s best known organisations choose Multimedia Communications.

The MMC Hamilton team also provides Data Cabling, Security System Installation, Electrical Service and Telecommunications.

Fibre Network Design

  • Core Fibre Grid Design
  • Fibre Circuit Allocation
  • Access Point and Joint Location Design
  • Duct Network Location – Route and Offset Management
  • Records Updating - Ongoing Recording and Updating of Asbuilts in Various Formats
  • Design Office to Technical Field Service Installations

Network Construction Works – Below Ground

  • Duct/Pit/Pipe/Cable Installations in CBD/Urban Roadway Footway and Berm for Telco’s and Infrastructure Owners
  • Trenching and Duct Installation
  • Vault/Closure Installation, Preparation and Set up

Cable Insertion

  • Latest Technology Insertion Techniques
  • Air Blown Fibre (ABF) Systems
  • Conventional Cable Hauling
  • Direct Bury Methodologies

Fibre Installation

  • Exchange and Data Centre Services
  • CBD/Urban OSP Infrastructure and Campus Sites
  • Mux Cabinet Frame Build/Feeder Cable Terminates and Commissioning
  • Design and Build of Internal Fibre Networks
  • Point to Point/Conventional/ABF Solutions
  • Structured Cabling Networks

Technical Services

  • Vault/Closure Installation, Preparation and Set up
  • Fusion Splicing
  • OFDF (Optical Fibre Distribution Frame) Layout Design and Installation
  • OTDR (Optical Fibre Time Domain Reflexometer) Analysis
  • Network Commissioning

Provisioning Services

  • Auditing and Cutover of Telco Services
  • Network installations from Telco Networks in Road or Footway to Customer Demarction Positions within Buildings

An Industry Leading Infrastructure Company Delivering Fibre Optic Installation and Data Cabling Network Projects to Telco Standards