Christ's College West Wing


Christ's College, Christchurch is located in the city centre of Christchurch, New Zealand. It is the oldest independent school in the country. MultiMedia Communications were nominated by Christ's College to work with Naylor Love on the West Wing project.


shielded cat6A outlets


communications rooms


Metres of fibre optic cable


metres of cat6A Molex cable


This  project included over 500 x shielded Cat6A cables terminated over 2 x Communications Rooms, these were linked with 300 metres of Air Blown Fibre thus completing the campus ring. The whole project has consumed 20000 metres of cat6a Molex cable.


This was a highly rewarding project emcompassing the building ensuring the unique characteristics and charm maintained. MultiMedia Communications have completed the project safely, on time and on budget.

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The trackable quality records and close relationships with NZ leading companies ensure the success in delivering of client-satisfactory and state-of-the-art large commercial projects, to name a few of our projects: Genesis Energy Waikato ICT and Security Systems, CDHB Christchurch Outpatients Building, Synlait Milk Plant, Enable Christchurch UFB Rollout, Crown Plaza Christchurch ICT and MATV, Isaac Theatre Royal and AJ Hacket NZ Bungy Jumping Fibre Optic and ICT Networks. Feel free to click the link to check out these featured projects.