CDHB - Christchurch Outpatient Building


The CDHB Christchurch Outpatients Building is a $72 million project. It has five storeys and 10,500sqm in area. It provides outpatient and other clinical services including among others endocrinology, ophthalmology and dental. MultiMedia Communications are involved in the installation of the fibre optic network, data network and nurse call systems. We have been working closely with the the Leighs Construction company to ensure the target was achieved.

Time Frame

This comprehensive project have been handed over most recently. The process from the begining to the very end has lasted for 13 months. 


metres of Cat6A F/UTP cable


data outlets


metres of voice copper cable


communications rooms


full height cabinets


This was a complex project which has various systems involved in. We have achieved the following results:

  • Installation Siemon Cat6A F/UTP network measured in over 110 000 metres of cable
  • A sum-up of over 2500 x data outlets
  • Full Emtelle Air Blown Fibre system installed with diverse routes.
  • Over 1200 metres of voice copper cabling back to Hospital Campus.
  • 5 x Communications Rooms with a total of 11 x full height cabinets.


This was a very rewarding project to be involved with as it required a high level of finish and was a very technical build.